Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle says excluding her best athlete, Israel Folau, from her constantly losing team becausehe put his views before the sport has been a “positive thing” for inclusivity.

She didn’t like him literally quoting Scriptures she didn’t approve of, and so discriminated against him because of his religious views, which is illegal according to section 772 of the Fair Work Act. This is somehow good for inclusivity. Because we must exclude everyone who doesn’t agree with inclusivity. Ther more we exlcude such people, the more inclusive we’ll be.

This is her view. And she has fired the best player from a team performing so poorly that the coach was just fired. It appears her bigoted views of Israel’s tradtionally unremarkable religious views are a higher priority than the team winning. But she fired him for putting his views before the sport.

His views didn’t stop the team winning. Despite being in a poor performing team, Israel Folau stood head and shoulders above nearly all Aussie players ever as the leading tryscorer in Super Rugby history and the fourth highest all-time tryscorer for Australia. He’s also a three-times John Eales Medal winner. But now Castle’s views have excluded his talent for the good of the inclusive game to be exclusive of employees with traditional Christian views (such as sinners go to hell and the uniqueness of marriage).

It appears her views have been put in front of the team, and she’s the only one who’s actually unfairly discriminated against anyone because of a protected identity.

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