Trump trumps human rights - Marijke Rancie

If you want to know why so many love President Trump, despite his non-conventional, anti establishment and sometimes uncouth style, it’s because he has proven time and time again that he is not an enemy of Christians!

He has proven that he is a patriot and not an enemy to the people.

He has clearly demonstrated he is not an enemy to freedom or sovereignty of Nation.

He has exclaimed loudly that he is not an enemy of the Constitution.

And, something that has surprised many, since he was elected into office, he has demonstrated in action that he is not an enemy to the most defenceless in the land that he governs – the unborn!

President Donald Trump is arguably the most pro-life President that the United States of America has known since Roe Vs Wade passed in 1973 through the Supreme Court overturning many state and federal abortion laws.

For those who have a heart for this issue, this matters. The Bible Belt of the USA is a force to be reckoned with and gaining their vote is important.

While many may claim that this issue is not an election issue, by the very nature of the topic and the passion from both sides it has become the elephant in the room! Trump loves elephants! Whether it is challenging fake-news or the rise of Marxism and Antifa, China or the WHO, he sees it and calls it out! This both charms and terrifies the people – depending on their ideology!

The silent majority across the USA have seen the establishment for what it is, they can see what is actually at stake and they are grateful for someone who is willing to stand up and take it on. Trump has won them over. In contrast to polls and the mainstream media, a large number of conservatives fully predict a Republican landslide this November 4th!

Many see the killing of babies as the most evil thing in the world. Standing up on this issue brings public attack and scrutiny unlike almost any other issue. Perhaps pedophilia – another favoured topic for Trump (but that is a whole other article!)

It’s why even quietly pro-life politicians often back down and have let down the cause with their lack of courage. It takes courage to stand up on this issue and President Donald J Trump, with all of his human flaws has shown courage in spades that is almost unmatched on this controversial topic!

As the 2020 Presidential election campaign charges full steam ahead – the Trump train seems to be gaining momentum with both Biden and Trump vying for the Roman Catholic vote, the announcement that Trump made at a Catholic prayer breakfast sends a clear message, where Trump stands on the issue:

“Today I am announcing that I will be signing the ‘born alive’ executive order to ensure that all precious babies born alive—no matter their circumstances—receive the medical care that they deserve,” the president said. “This is our sacrosanct moral duty.”

In 2002, President George W. Bush signed into law a bill extending legal protection to infants born alive at any stage of development, including after an abortion. The law, however, lacked enforcement provisions.

The issue of abortion is suddenly front and centre in Washington as the Trump administration prepares to announce a nominee to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court.
Trump is expected to nominate a conservative justice. We know, by what happened to Kavanaugh and the witch hunt he came under with the false sexual assault allegations, that a pro life judge will send the pro-aborts into full meltdown! The tension continues to mount and the timing of Trump’s announcement is yet another signal of where he is prepared to plant his flag.

Conservative judges are typically seen by the Left as a threat to the continued existence of “abortion rights.” If pro life judges hold the balance of power, well laws change and for a long time too…

While Trump’s announcement obviously does not remove abortion and those on the pro-life battle front want nothing more than for this to happen, I believe this is certainly a strong statement and not to be dismissed.

Personally I believe that this battle will be won incrementally. In the same way the pro aborts have captured the narrative, dehumanised life and made this a civil rights issue, those on the pro-life side need also to take back the narrative, expose the abortion industry for what it is, and bring the humanity and human cost into the message.

While it may be possible to dismiss a pre-born as “just a clump of cells.” I believe that this bill exposes the inhumanity of Roe vs wade and I know that for me this is where my heart changed from being softly pro-life to vocal and proud pro life activist.

Like many, I had no idea that if a baby survived a botched abortion they were left to die with no medical treatment or medication for pain and suffering administered.

The visual image of this should touch even the coldest of hearts. “A clump of cells” may be easy to dismiss a newborn, not so much!

I know I was shocked when I first found out about the horrific abortion legislation that passed with little fanfare and no mainstream media attention in 2008, in my home state of Victoria, Australia. This included, the so called right for a woman to terminate the life of her baby right up until full term, for any reason including psycho-social reasons for the mother. Amendments were added to the bill and all were voted down including an amendment to administer pain relief, ( babies in the womb feel pain) and also the right for a doctor to conscientiously object, voted down by politicians who ironically used their conscientious vote to object.

Personally I have always been what I would call, softly pro life. I am someone who feels bad when I accidentally step on a snail, ending it’s life, so the thought of killing my own child is not something I could ever personally do. I have just always felt like this. I also have a heart for and value people who come to earth in a broken or disabled body. Abortion would never have been an option for me. I am a nurturer by nature and a protector of the vulnerable.

But I had never really thought too much about the issue for others, and I guess I believed the narrative that abortions were rare and only occurred in cases of rape, incest, or for the health of the mother. I had no idea that in Victorian alone, 30,000 abortions take place and the oldest baby aborted on record is a 37 week old healthbaby with a physically healthy mother. All four of my children were born at 37 weeks.

The fact that this legislation that Trump has passed exposes what so many of us who are pro life know, that just because you try to dehumanise a human being through changing language, through hiding imagery of what abortion actually entails, and by ignoring the emotional trauma that is so prevalent around the loss of a baby, whether this be through miscarriage or abortion, none of these things actually make this precious life any less valuable.

If a society can deem a newborn baby inhuman and not worthy of medical care simply because it is not wanted, then perhaps those who are on the fence on this issue may start to question how far this has all come. Some may be ok with first trimester abortion, but this issue is not either or and many who claim to be pro-choice would be truly horrified to know the extremes the law has now taken.

From what started as a civil rights feminist movement that did not want women to die because of so named “backyard abortions,” the pendulum has swung so far to the extreme that the law now allows precious babies to be butchered and die alone! I believe the one stop shop solution now also fails mothers and fathers unaware and uneducated about the associated trauma of ending the life of your own child.

The abortion campaign has so dehumanised babies we now have a culture that on one hand champions locking up whole populations to protect the elderly and vulnerable from a virus, and screaming black lives matter, while on the other hand discarding babies in cold Petrie dishes to suffer and die alone with their lives not actually mattering apparently at all!

Thank you President Trump for championing this human rights issue, for this is indeed what it is! Those who stand for life should stand proud and speak up with courage!

If you want to get involved in the human rights campaign for the protection of babies and indeed mothers and fathers who deserve so much more, please attend the online protest advertised below.

Marijke Rancie is an ordinary, "stay-at-home" mum who shrugs off the restrictive expectations of cultural feminism. She encourages other full time mums to not feel inadequate in their occupation as wife & mother, and champions traditional family values. Also known as “Political Posting Mumma“, Marijke's personal experience and concerned research led her to raising the alarm about the hidden, inappropriate sexual content of the so-called “Safe Schools” resources.

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