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From the frying pan into the fire

  • 7pm Sydney, 5pm Perth, 9pm Auckland
  • Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Hosted by Warren Mundine, Truth Talking is live streamed to Facebook & YouTube where viewers can join the conversation with real time comments and questions as the panel discusses the important issues.

In this episode…

Fifty years ago there was a mass transition of Indigenous Australians from work to welfare. Jobs disappeared en masse and government stepped into the breach with support. A cycle of inter-generational welfare dependency ensued, with generations of Indigenous people condemned to poverty.

In an article for the Spectator Australia, Warren Mundine has warned history may be about to repeat itself for many more Australians. Government responses to COVID-19 have seen jobs and businesses destroyed and millions of Australians reliant on government payments.

  • How do we wean a nation off welfare?
  • Are we too complacent about economic recovery?
  • Do we have the risk settings right for COVID-19?

Hear what our Panel has to say: Warren Mundine with Joe Hildebrand, Caroline Di Russo and Steve Baxter.

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO is a highly respected and influential businessman, political strategist and advocate for empowering indigenous Australians to build businesses and sustainable economies. His life and career have been shaped by a personal commitment to community and economic development and he has nearly 40 years’ experience working in the public, private and community sectors. In 2016 Warren was made an Officer of the Order of Australia.

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