Ben & Jerry’s are campaigning against children’s natural rights to be raised by both their biological parents. Of course, they’re not mentioning children’s rights at all. Their social marxism is so simplistic they actually believe the debate about marriage reality is exclusively about homosexual adult claims, and that those claims will never have any adverse impact on children’s equal (and ethically superior) rights to be raised by their biological parents.

But this imperialistic American corporation has decided they know what’s best for Australian families and policy, and they’ve announced they’re going to punish us until we see things their way.

They’ve actually banned Australians from getting two scoops of the same flavour because we don’t agree social policy is as simple as eating ice cream. It’s becoming more and more apparent which side of this debate is attempting to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

Not only is this position incredibly stupid, it’s pathetic business. What moron runs their business by lecturing customers on their personal values and beliefs? Idiotic, and it deserves to be punished.

Ben & Jerry’s clearly don’t want people who support #MarriageReality – Christians, conservatives – to be their customers any more. Probably half their market. Deal.

Tell Ben & Jerry’s they can keep their two scoops of stupidity to themselves as we don’t need corporations, domestic or foreign, dictating when our beliefs and values about marriage and family are right or wrong: “Just sell your ice cream and keep your ideology to yourself.”

Sign and share this petition to join the fight against corporate arrogance in the culture war.

Ice cream brand “Ben & Jerry’s” imposes their beliefs on Australians.

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Ben & Jerry's: Mind Your Own Business!

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