The Tyranny of Tolerance

Peter Kurti exposes a grand deception: the tolerance and diversity brigade cannot tolerate diversity of thought. In a time of fake news and social media mobs, his thoughtful deliberation about the meaning of tolerance and its tension with political liberty is indispensable. He critiques the origin of Australian multiculturalism and the corrosive cultural effect of codifying diversity in discrimination law. Peter explains religious freedom and restores the principle to its rightful place in the heart of 21st-century democracy.

Peter Kurti is a Research Fellow with CIS (The Centre for Independent Studies) and an expert in religion & values in civil society, law & religious freedom, and ethics. Dave interviewed Peter in front of an audience to help launch his new book, The Tyranny of Tolerance. The first half of the interview is followed by a brief Q&A, before the second half of the conversation is concluded by a longer time for Q&A.

WATCH the full interview with Peter Kurti and Dave Pellowe including Q&A with a live audience below.

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