In news which comes both as no surprise and yet a huge relief, the Australian Classification Board has decided to rate the movie Unplanned as “M” (Mature Audiences), with advice it contains mature themes. Details on their website reveal the reviewers found the movie was so sensitively written and directed that even the few depictions of medical & surgical abortion had no audience impact for actual violence on screen.

The category of moderate impact deserving an M rating overall was for the movie’s themes. I don’t think you can accurately tell the true story about Abby Johnson’s journey from good Christian girl to Planned Parenthood clinic director to pro life activist without accurately conveying the reality of abortion and the abortion trade. This is essential to the story.

I’ve seen the movie three times. I’ll see it again when it’s released in Australian cinemas through Fan-Force. To see which cinemas you can get tickets from or to bring it to a cinema closer to you click here. Some small chains are also screening multiple sessions so follow the Unplanned Aus/NZ Facebook Group for other announcements.

The themes in the movie are impacting. It made me cry, but not where I expected it to. It wasn’t the abortions themselves, although that was of course upsetting. It was the girls and women who were getting abortions, and the realistic portrayal of the lack of choices they clearly feel. The human pain inflicted by this industry is visceral and we as a nation need to be re-sensitised to what we’ve been happy to bury and hide in abortion clinics, to avert our eyes from and look the other way while up to 100,000 innocent Australian lives are destroyed every year.

This film is a “must see” like no other before it. It’s entirely true. It’s horrific (so take tissues) and yet at the same time a beautiful story of love, grace and redemption. It is a tool of healing trauma and changing culture to end the greatest injustice of our generation. Bring as many people as you can as many times as you can while it’s in cinemas and let’s declare “My generation will end abortion!

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