Waleed Aly Believes Polling That Suggests There's Overwhelming Majority Support For Homosexual Marriage [Facebook screenshot]

Let’s have a closer look at Waleed Aly’s recent claim:

“[Homosexual marriage is a] position that has overwhelming majority support amongst the Australian public.”

“There is polling suggesting that 62 to 64% are in support of this.”

Don’t the mainstream media love polling that reinforces their narrative by asking simplistic questions? That’s exactly how they totally missed the reality that Brexit & Trump were far more popular than they so dogmatically led (most of) us all to believe.

But what if you ask questions that don’t assume ignorance about the other, nuanced implications of the issue?

  • In 2014, Crosby-Textor found the same 72% support for the adult-centred proposition of “allowing same-sex couples to marry in Australia”, BUT
  • In 2011, Sexton Market research found 73% supported the child-centred proposition that “where possible, as a society we should try to ensure that children are raised by their natural mother and father and promote this”.

All this polling reveals is that many Australians haven’t had the opportunity to properly think through the implications of redefining marriage.

How exactly do we get children to be raised by their own mother and father if at the same time we give two men the right to create a motherless family?

Notable Australian ethicist, Margaret Somerville AM, Professor of Law at McGill University, said:

“Same-sex marriage creates a clash between upholding the human rights of children with respect to their coming into being and the family structure in which they will be reared, and the claims of homosexual adults who wish to marry a same-sex partner. It forces us to choose between giving priority to children’s rights or homosexual adults’ claims.”

Given the current debateophobia (a fear of free and frank discussion) demonstrated by Bill Shorten and other leftists who are intolerant of diversity of ideas, giving Australians the opportunity to think for themselves isn’t high on their list of policies.

I wonder why?

More recent polling conducted by Galaxy found:

  • 48% of Australians said it was more important that a child should have the right, where possible, to both a mum and a dad, while
  • Only 17% said it was more important that two men should have the right to marry and create a family.
  • A full 36% of Australians felt “very strongly” that a child’s rights should come first, while
  • Only 12% felt “very strongly” that the homosexual couple’s rights should come first.

Dr David van Gend, author of “Stealing From A Child – The Injustice of ‘Marriage Equality’” observed,

“Where does this strong defence of a child’s right to a mum and dad leave those simplistic surveys like Crosby/Textor?”

All these polls show is that the stories we’re being told about the “overwhelming majority support” for homosexual marriage are little more than wishful thinking. Worse, they’re showing that the change is trying to be rammed through Parliament, over and over and over again, without giving the people a say and without giving the people a free and frank discussion.

The excuse we’re fed and expected to swallow without chewing is that some advocates of traditional marriage will be so mean in this debate that people already suffering sexual and/or gender confusion will commit suicide. There is no clear evidence this has ever happened anywhere in the world. However, evidence abounds that it will in fact be the militant rainbow activists who will bully and intimidate people with unapproved ideas if such a debate were ever allowed.

I for one will never vote for a politician that would or did vote in Parliament for legislation giving two men or two women the right to deliberately create a motherless or fatherless family, regardless of any plebiscite. In fact, there’s a 19% differential of Coalition voters who would be “much less likely” to vote for their MPs if they supported homosexual marriage.

The outcome of this important public debate is most certainly not “inevitable”.

The next time you hear a friend or celebrity like Waleed simplistically spout “statistics”, you can dismiss them and demand more information, and a free a frank discussion centred around children’s rights.

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