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No, Warren Entsch MP, you’re NOT “just asking for a bloody vote”.

You’re asking for ANOTHER vote. And you’ll keep asking and wanting more and more votes until you beat the silent majority into submission.

We had one in 2004. Both houses gave bipartisan support to settling this non-issue then, confirming reality.

22 bills attempting to redefine #MarriageReality have been introduced since then. TWENTY-TWO!

Four of these have been voted on, including a cross-party one, so don’t whine about “just asking for a bloody vote.” They were all defeated, and they were all defeated because the silent majority don’t want your Emperor’s New Clothes.

We don’t admire your social engineering philosophy that marriage isn’t naturally unique. Pretending it has any equal is far beneath free thinking people.

Grubs like yourself wasting endless amounts of precious parliamentary time and public debate on a long-settled issue are traitors to the real and urgent issues facing Australia like ballistic debts and deficits, unemployment, and pathetic education competitiveness.

Our domestic productivity is held ransom by environmental fundamentalists. Fables about Al Gore’s Armageddon persist despite being well past their due date, yet our electricity is so expensive that the poor and vulnerable are literally freezing to death and many large employers are unable to keep their employees.

And you think the most pressing issue before us is to redefine the timeless institution of marriage? Therapy by legislation???

You and your gang of ‘moderates’ are waging a war of attrition against the people of this nation who have elected successive Parliaments to dismiss your rainbow Marxism. We’ve had our say, and you’re not listening.

So you may fool yourself, but you’re not fooling anybody else when you claim to be wanting “a vote”. You really hate the 13 years result of representative democracy and 22 bills (including 5 votes) because YOU didn’t get what you wanted. Well, mate, that’s democracy.

The issue has been settled already, and often.

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