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One of the consequences of removing the requirement for gender diversity in marriage has been the upsurge in litigation against people who uphold the truth about gender.

The latest is a decision yesterday by a Federal Court judge for the Tickle verses Giggle case to proceed as a “test case”.

The background is that businesswoman Sall Grover (pictured above) created a women’s only app called Giggle as a safe space for women and girls. A biological male, Roxanne Tickle, was excluded by Grover from accessing Giggle. Tickle is suing.

Proof of how mad our politics has become since the same-sex marriage plebiscite is that a court will now be required to essentially define what a woman is.

The Coincidence - a novel by Gabriel Moens

“The difference in the applicant’s case and the respondents’ case is stark and wholly irreconcilable. One will ultimately be found to be right, and the other wrong,” Justice Bromwich said in his judgement yesterday allowing the case to proceed.

Australians thought they were helping out their gay mates by voting for SSM. But they failed to read the fine print because upending gender norms for marriage and family was always going to have huge flow-on consequences.

The radical LGBTIQA+ activists pushing gay marriage knew this.

Now they are demanding conformity with their radical gender agenda, using the courts to enforce the new laws they have smuggled in.

No Australian should have to be fighting in court for the sex-based rights of girls and women.

Lyle Shelton is National Director of the Family First Party. He started his career as a rural journalist before being elected as a member of the Toowoomba City Council and serving the Australian Christian Lobby for 10 years, half of that decade as ACL's Managing Director. He was a Director and spokesman for the Coalition for Marriage during the 2017 postal survey campaign which resulted in the legal undefinition of marriage. He also blogs here.

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