What IS EMILY’s List?

“EMILY” is an acronym for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”, and they appear to merely be a political action committee (PAC) started in America & copied in Australia to fund-raise for pro-abortion women to be elected to political office.

This episode of #PelloweTalk was recorded in front of a #live audience. Host Dave Pellowe interviewed Teeshan Johnson, the Executive Director of Cherish Life Qld, about this insidious organisation that has an invisible hand in every Parliament in Australia. What extreme agendas do EMILY’s List members have for Australia’s future? What have they already achieved without the general public knowing who was behind it?

Federal senate candidates in Qld Lyle Shelton (Conservatives) and Steve Dickson (One Nation) joined Teeshan on the panel to further discuss the election issues and their party’s positions on key issues. We discuss preferences and who was to blame for delivering a Labor government, racism and what policies really make a party or person ‘conservative’.

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