White Ribbon Australia are reprehensible.

“Denying a woman access to contraception and abortion is a denial of basic rights to health care.”¹

In equating abortion to contraception, they assault the intrinsic identity of women as mothers. This is abusive in and of itself.

I cannot give any support to an organisation claiming to value women while killing unborn children, half of which are female.

“Women want access to abortion and control over their reproductive rights.”¹

Killing babies is not a “reproductive” right at either end of the birth canal. The baby is already alive. High school biology, as well as advanced sciences of embryology and genetics agree the moment of reproduction happens at conception. The right to reproduce or not is exercised at a prior intimate moment. Perhaps someone forgot to explain to the femonazis how babies are made.

“Reproductive coercion is any behaviour, physical and emotional, aimed at establishing and maintaining power and control by restricting a woman’s reproductive autonomy, denying her control over decisions related to her reproductive health and limiting her access to reproductive health options.”¹

There is no debate about a woman’s autonomy of her own body, for it is not the woman’s body being discarded in a bucket. Her baby has its own blood type and unique DNA like every other living human.

Calling abortion “reproductive health” is like calling slavery “occupation certainty”. Yes I meant that – there is no ethical difference between slavery and abortion. That person is not your property. She is a unique living human entitled to dignity at every stage. It certainly is not your choice to kill her or keep her.

Denial of abortion is not denial of healthcare. Dismembering a person is not healthy. It is barbaric. Claims by White Ribbon Australia to the contrary are manifestly ignorant.

In their radical feminist infanticide manifesto, White Ribbon Australia unequivocally advocate LATE TERM abortions.¹

It certainly is possible to oppose domestic violence while opposing the senseless destruction of human life in the womb.

It is in fact more coherent to champion the emotional, physical and spiritual health of women by opposing the injustice of abortion.

The demonstrated ignorance or indifference by White Ribbon Australia of the many harms to women from abortion is appalling.

No one with a Christian worldview can support White Ribbon Australia while knowing they so callously advocate infanticide as they do in the above quoted political extremist “position statement” (referenced below), no matter how apparently noble their other messages.

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