WHO Director, General Tedros Ghebreyesus, has conceded the failure of the WHO Pandemic Treaty at the start of the World Health Assembly 77.

This is a great day for those of us who have stood against a global health dictatorship, including myself and One Nation Australia.

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Ghebreyesus was a terrorist with the Tigre Liberation Army. While at the helm of WHO, he has actively covered up the rape and sexual exploitation of women in the Congo by WHO personnel, as found by his own investigative commission.

The world has decided that this man and the degenerates at the WHO should not be trusted to lead the next pandemic response. Perhaps by sacking this man and re-empowering the old guard at WHO—doctors who genuinely want to heal and do good—trust in the organisation could be restored.

Additionally, removing the influence of predatory billionaire Bill Gates and his foundation, as well as globalist front groups like CEPI, would also help WHO regain their damaged reputation.

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Nations don’t need a Pandemic Treaty to review their COVID performance; they just need the will and courage to scrutinise every aspect and uncover the truth behind the advocacy and fake science. Instead, governments worldwide, including Australia, are avoiding these issues, fearing the loss of sponsorship and protection provided by the crony capitalist world order.

Years ago, I promised to hound down those responsible for the death and destruction caused by corporate cronyism in Australia, and I will continue to do so.

Today is a good day for the resistance. Let this encourage all of us to renew our efforts to bring the guilty to justice and eliminate cronyism from our governance.

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Malcolm Roberts had a passion for freedom, responsibility and service are his guiding principles for his work as a Senator for Queensland.  He was first elected as a Senator with One Nation in 2016 and returned to the Senate again in 2019. Malcolm keeps updates on his work in the senate here.

Malcolm has extensive experience and success from within the corporate sector and as a business owner.   His background in engineering and mining started before graduating with an engineering degree (honours) from University of Queensland. After graduation he worked for three years as an underground coalface miner.  Malcolm rose through management ranks to lead and bring about significant profitability and production improvements at underground coal mines and coal processing plants.

A keen interest in business leadership and economics led Malcolm to a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He led the operational development of Australia’s largest and most complex underground coal project that successfully set many industry firsts.  He then established an executive consultancy specialising in leadership and management services for Australian and international clients.

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