It was utterly disturbing news when the Herald Sun uncovered a disturbing story that Year Eleven boys were asked by a Kingston youth worker to stand up (during a school assembly) before being outed, bullied & made to apologise for being white, male and Christian. But sadly, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened in Australia.

This is Critical Race Theory (CRT) in action, the extremist demonic creature birthed into society by Cultural Marxists replacing the oppressor & the oppressed with white and black people; thus racially pitting them against each other at the expense of destroying social harmony, the social fabric & threatening to unwind years of rational discourse.

By perpetuating the myths that Western countries like Australia are “systemically & institutionally racist” & that individuals with a black or brown skin wouldn’t have the same full advantage as their white counterparts do, Cultural Marxists wield this poisonous and toxic theory to hold up their oppressor/oppressed narrative which has historically left few nations unscathed.

For the students that were unfortunate to have sat through that insufferable presentation, not only did they feel shocked (and, for the male students, abused and targeted), but also fearful of being called out as either a homophobe or a bigot if they objected.

What we need is a nation-wide movement that is against critical race theory & all such neo-racism, willing to lobby our governments, inform our democratically elected politicians and battle to get it banned from our institutions & in all layers of government.

After all, it’s not enough to simply call it out & be against it if nothing is done to politically to comprehensively stamp this out from our society.

It isn’t about tackling discrimination, systemic racism or even being virtuous or promoting equality. It’s a grotesque and abominable form of racism that’s being promoted by, not only Cultural Marxists, but by woke-captured city councils & institutions (who fell victim to the left’s long march decades ago).

If we don’t, not only will more of our students be repetitively exposed to this racist form of social engineering, but it won’t take long for the poison to continue to pollute our government departments and agencies and other areas of society as well.

If you think that this is only happening towards senior high school students, then you’re sorely mistaken. In New South Wales, official Department of Education lessons have hit students from Kindergarten up to Year Twelve under a “Racism. No Way!” initiative, in which they’re being indoctrinated about alleged institutional racism, white privilege & unconscious bias.

Instead of focusing on academic excellence & wrestling back our embarrassing educational rankings in science, mathematics, English and reading, governmental education departments are obsessed with polluting our classrooms & curriculum with Critical Race Theory & other Cultural Marxist propaganda.

It’s a sign that Australian educational bureaucrats have given up going back to basics, decluttering the curriculum & simply ensuing that our teachers-to-be are highly qualified, appropriate & competent to teach school students. They find it easier to allow Cultural Marxists to corrupt our educational system instead.

What’s worse is that the Education Ministers of Australia are either foolishly ignorant of all of this woke madness or are powerless to do anything to stop it entirely. Or perhaps both.

I thoroughly support NSW One Nation leader & Upper House MP, Mark Latham, who is taking on this woke lunacy hoping to prevent a generation of Cultural Marxist foot soldiers, indoctrinated, propagandised & trained by Critical Race Theory fundamentalists whose aim is to bring down capitalism & the Western world.

If I were Premier Berejiklian or even Education Minister Sarah Mitchell, I would be joining Mark Latham to put an end to all of this rubbish and drafting legislation to ban this in NSW’s educational system and curriculum.

Doing this would save a generation of young impressionable children from being captured by the Marxists & held as their ideological slaves.

Schools are meant to be safe environments for students to be educated by qualified teachers, not to be insultingly outed by some woke lunatic simply because of their skin colour, religious faith & gender.

It’s time for Australia to fight against this neo-racist monstrosity which gets more degenerate & regressive beyond simply outing innocent male, white and Christian students.

We need a movement in Australia, one that will fight against this for the sake of our children’s educational future & for the sake of our society. Ignoring this will be to our children’s peril because after all, Critical Race Theory is here in Australia. It’s in our classrooms and it’s polluting the minds of young impressionable students.

Stamping this out will allow us to finally focus on what’s truly important, preventing the further backsliding of our failing educational system & to wrest back control of our embarrassing global ranking.

With Critical Race Theory dominating teachers’ and students’ time, less will be spent on their education and that is completely unacceptable.


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