Peter FitzSimons wants to know, “How on earth is this still happening, in Australia, in 2024?”

“This” is news of a Christian school firing a female primary school music teacher for breaching her employment contract when she publicly posted on Facebook that she was in a homosexual relationship.

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The teacher expressly agreed in her employment contract to support the doctrines and beliefs of the school, and when her personal circumstances changed in January, she kept it a secret instead of admitting she no longer agreed with the school’s doctrines.

Rob on Twitter admitted:

“I feel such intense rage when I read these stories.

No one should be sacked for their sexuality.

I don’t understand why the government is delaying the ban on religious discrimination.

We have to stop treating LGBT people as 2nd class citizens!”

The teacher insists she upholds the values of Christ, believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it provides her a guiding doctrine and practice. Although she admits the clause is in her contract and she had no confusion about the school’s convictions about homosexual behaviour, she claims she wasn’t trying to be deceitful.

Peter FitzSimons added the words, “in Australia, in 2024” to imply that Australia and 2024 are morally superior to other nations and previous generations. He doesn’t just see his atheistic beliefs and liberal sexual ethics as a freedom to be exercised, but as a dogma to be imposed on Christians who are still too backward to realise their error.

Rob is very typical of the willful ignorance nurtured by those who hate Christian schools for the very things that make them Christian: Christian doctrines. His claim that people are sacked for their “sexuality” is factually wrong, and demonstrates a complete lack of tolerance of people refusing to conform to the cultural hegemony of sexual licence.

The fact is the teacher was sacked for diverging from compatibility with the community standards Christian parents want to raise their children with. It doesn’t matter what her feelings of attraction are. In a community literally defined and differentiated by their beliefs, whether the groundsman, the music teacher or the principal, it matters what the Christian school’s staffs’ public behaviour and beliefs are.

Anti-Christians selectively and maliciously misrepresent the Christian attitude toward what the Bible describes as sexual sin. Well-formed, Bible-believing Christians are much more realistic than are popular colloquialisms about identity. One’s “sexuality” is not defined by feelings, but is fixed and immutable and designed by God. This is what God has revealed, and what we sincerely believe is actually sacred and worth defending against destruction.

Readers may dismiss Almighty God’s existence or His ability to reliably communicate His will and history, but that does nothing to diminish the orthodoxy and sincerity of those beliefs for many millennia now. There’s even a popular but false “Christianity” which incoherently claims Jesus had no standards or teachings other than a hippie, permissive kind of “love” which blinds believers to bad ideas.

It is merely a clash of religions when hedonists and secular humanists contradict Christian orthodoxy. It is Peter FitzSimon’s worldview versus the inalienable freedom of parents to raise their children in consonance with their own worldview.

Wailing against this fundamental human right and demanding government make it illegal for parents to choose who influences their children, Christophobes are displaying a bigotry some orders of magnitude worse than they falsely accuse others of.

It used to be that the pride (in sin) lobby offered the slogan “live and let live”. Now that their behaviours are no longer against the law and widely celebrated, they are attempting to mandate celebration of their sexual behaviour and criminalise Christianity.

It’s not even a slight exaggeration to describe their agenda as the criminalisation of Christianity. That’s exactly what Rob said above, “the government is delaying the ban on religious discrimination.” He and mobs like him want the power of government and courts brought to bear to stop Christian parents from choosing who they employ to inculcate their children with Christian values throughout their most impressionable years.

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While the majority of Christians simply want to exercise the inherent freedom to associate with whom they want and let those who differ “live” how they want anywhere else, the pride (in sin) lobby wants to control what Christians believe and how they live everywhere.

The education bureaucracy is now calling this a “positive duty” to affirm whatever behaviours or feelings children may have. I have even today received reports of the bureaucracy claiming a right to inspect Christian schools for compliance with government imposition of anti-Christian ideologies, including universal affirmation of all expressions of sexual and gender confusion.

Freedom of religion does not come from legislation. Government is not the highest moral authority in the universe, and the worst governments in history have been those who acted as if they believed themselves to be unaccountable. Healthy democracy includes checks and balances on government in open recognition of the fallibility and flaws of the people exercising power over others. It is simply appalling that anyone might consider conscience something the government has any valid jurisdiction over.

People who falsely claim Christian religion is just an excuse to mistreat other people are themselves seeking to justify depriving fellow citizens of the freedom of conscience. They wrongly define religion narrowly as an organised, formalised, institutionalised set of beliefs. That’s one definition, sure – but Merriam-Webster reveals it’s more than just that. It’s also:

“a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardour and faith.”

Dogmatic atheism and secularism easily fit that definition.

If all people everywhere, with or without their government’s agreement, naturally have a right to carefully consider issues, deliberate and reach conclusions independently, then all religions – systems of belief, causes or principles – should be tolerated and protected, within the bounds of civil society.

By “within the bounds of civil society”, I don’t mean to licence statists to redefine “civil” as not disagreeing with their beliefs, causes or principles. I mean to affirm boundaries of private property and freedom from physical harm by others. But no one has a natural right to be employed by someone whose values and goals they actually oppose.

Identity is sacred to Christians too, and has been long before the pride (in sin) lobby started infiltrating the institutions. Christians are just humble enough to agree with Almighty God, and anti-Christians are not even attempting to hide the enormity of their pride in condemning His unambiguous standards.

I’d like to illustrate the Scriptural authority for the Christian sexual ethic, but it’s more important to persuade the reader that their understanding of or agreement with the doctrine is beside the point and entirely irrelevant. If homosexuals wanted to build pride (in sin) schools and choose to exclude faithful Christian and Muslim staff and students, that would be their natural right.

If they hired a proud homosexual who later became gloriously saved by faith and grace from condemnation and she publicly repented of her pride, the right and decent thing for her to do would be to approach the principal and confess she could no longer uphold the school’s and parents’ values, and to offer her resignation ASAP. They would be completely reasonable and within their natural rights to terminate her employment immediately.

The assumed moral superiority of FitzSimons and the pride (in sin) lobby and its apologists is a religious truth claim which contradicts and competes with Biblical Christianity. They deceive themselves if they believe they are not aggressively trying to impose their religion and worldview on everyone else, forcing conformity to their cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardour and faith.

Our constitution prohibits the Commonwealth from imposing religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion. That is an enshrined Australian value.

That value should be applied to bureaucracies trying to impose their system of sexual ethic beliefs on Christian and public schools. How dare they! Teach kids reading, writing and maths – not gender theory, sexual confusion and promiscuity.

So if the reader wants to truly understand why Christian schools are suddenly controversial, they should see it is because pride (in sin) lobbyists and apologists are attacking the biggest threat to their lust for political and cultural power: Bible-believing Christians. Using the power of government to deliberately restrict the free exercise of religion in the associations and institutions Christians formed to promote and further true religion jeopardises their grasp on society.

Again: believe what you want, associate with whom you want, and live how you want. But if you want to regulate religion like this, you’ve entirely missed the historical, true purpose of the separation of Church and State, and are welcoming tyranny.

Feel free to start your own private schools, hospitals, clubs, camps, venues, churches and other organisations, and feel free to “discriminate” for or against whomever you believe furthers your values and goals – but for the sake of the integrity of democracy and freedom, get your grubby hands off our schools!

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