I recently invited the infamous Islamic apologist and anti Anzac Day SJW, Yassmin Abdel-Magied onto the show to offer her perspective on Australian political life in a conversation between philosophical opposites. Her “Creative Representation” (agent) replied, “Unfortunately Yassmin isn’t available to meet with you due to existing work and travel commitments.

I hadn’t specified a date, so the “no, not ever” answer was a clear indicator that without the comfort of Tony Jones, Waleed Aly or their typical rent-a-crowds she wouldn’t expose herself to the careful scrutiny of a courteous yet intelligent conversation one on one.

Yesterday Abdel-Magied announced she was moving to London.

She’s running away.

So many cliches spring to mind, like “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” and, “Australia, love it or leave.

In Yassmin’s mind, Aussie’s calling her out for spouting Islamist apologist propaganda like “Islam is the most feminist religion” is a symptom of our backwardness. Yet when a man from the internationally banned, anti democracy, anti women and anti homosexuals organisation, Hizb ut-Tahrir criticised her, she demurely submitted and sought his counsel on how to do better.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/GearingUpForANewAdventure?src=hash">#GearingUpForANewAdventure</a>. Folks, it's been fun, but I'm off to partake in the Aussie rite of passage - I'm moving to London! ? <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/inshallah?src=hash">#inshallah</a> <a href="https://t.co/RJFozmGFAu">pic.twitter.com/RJFozmGFAu</a></p>— Yassmin Abdel-Magied (@yassmin_a) <a href="https://twitter.com/yassmin_a/status/881710467541909506">July 3, 2017</a></blockquote><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Not very feminist, and apparently more interested in feedback from the fundamental Islamic culture than the secular liberal Australian culture.

Lest We Forget

Her most infamous moment of honesty was when she belittled the national day of remembrance for our veterans to simultaneously parade her virtues as a social justice warrior. She simplistically contrasted the sacrifice of those who died in defense of our freedom with those who paid rich amounts to human traffickers to jump the refugee queue, bypassed safe nations with less government welfare and wound up in offshore detention while trying to dodge our border and quarantine controls.

She deleted the offending display of her lack of patriotic appreciation, acknowledging that ‘the timing and nature of the post was disrespectful’. Her highly qualified apology rung hollow with many, and they were right. She complained to a group of high school students that she didn’t understand how she couldn’t say what she wanted, entirely missing the point that she did, and so did everybody who didn’t like it. She even continued to say whatever she wanted whilst complaining about not being able to complain.

With what now appears to be a degree of prescience, she also said to them,

Unless we get to the point where I get deported for misdemeanours, then I’m going to say what I want…

A month after Anzac day her publicly funded TV show was cancelled, which the ABC insisted had nothing to do with the controversy. Unlike the many Hollywood celebrities who promised to leave if they get didn’t their way in that country, Yassmin’s actually doing it.

Snowflake Seeks Cold Comfort

Yassmin has revealed some aversion to critical thinking. Like so many whingers in her generation that sincerely believe she can do no wrong, she has no appreciation for the shoe being on the other foot. I can imagine her nemesis, Jacqui Lambie, gets at least as much personal bile directed at her by haters incapable of strong yet impersonal disagreement. But in Yassmin’s mind, it appears she’s a victim to be pitied, targeted only because of her intersectionality.

Yassmin complained on Facebook,

Being deemed the face of all that is evil for an extended period of time does take a toll. However, reality is that being a small target has not served me well at all. Choosing not to defend myself and ‘let it blow over’ backfired because it hasn’t blown over. Staying silent left a vacuum that other voices gleefully filled with hate and vitriol that was deeply racist. If I stay silent, then ‘they’ win. Then others get to define the narrative. Then those with deep institutional power r able to silence I can’t abide that’.

She claims she made the comments after initially refusing to be part of a panel discussion in Melbourne, although she reconsidered after being encouraged to do so.

I’d initially cancelled, cos ya know, Australia had been getting its hate on,” she moaned. “Because the thing about all of this is that it is so isolating. And although ppl might tell me there is support, it’s (sometimes) hard to see. But to have someone I respect validate me and the importance of my voice on a platform, well, it made a difference. Esp as I had been told time and time again that no, my voice wasn’t welcome. That I had no legitimacy to even be **in** the conversation.

Nawww, poor petal! Just imagine being paid by taxpayers to host a national TV show, to appear regularly on Q&A, The Drum, The Project and the BBC, as well as Triple J, Radio National and ABC Local, and to represent Australia through multiple diplomatic programs across the globe.

Would you feel like you’d been silenced and told your voice wasn’t welcome? Her official bio’ goes on and on and on with evidence of how validated, welcomed and privileged her life has been – far more than any white Christian male I know. In reality, Australia is the best nation in the world for anybody lucky enough to be raised here.

Reality has no relevance to professional victims, and facts pale next to hurt feelings. So Yassmin is leaving.

Don't Miss This Event!

A Picture Of Racism

The Australian National University invited the 26 year old Sudanese Muslim woman to be part of a panel of highly qualified academics at a leadership forum in June. She again chose to use her high profile platform and voice **in** the conversation to attack Australia’s democracy, suggesting our parliamentary system had failed.

“The traditional parliamentary system, I mean look at the photo of the House of Representatives. It doesn’t represent anyone.”

It seems Abdel-Magied believes only people who look like her can think like her and so represent her. This is called identity politics. It also means that people that look the same cannot think for themselves, and must all think the same. Dissenters from the group think are hated and rejected. I think identity politics is dangerously divisive and ignorant.

Are you kidding me, Yassmin?! Only a racist, ageist, or sexist can tell how representative a group is by the photo. Judging people by their appearance is the definition of shallow. Australia grew out of that when we overturned the Left’s “White Australia” policy, yet here we are again. This is another moment of refreshing and alarming honesty from a “progressive” who insists we must be divided into tribes instead of united in common wealth.

Senator Eric Abetz effectively urged Abdel-Magied to love it or leave, an invitation she’s now sulkily accepting – after claiming to be baffled by his interest in her criticism of the government he serves in. He commented, “If Ms Abdel-Magied thinks our system of government is so bad perhaps she should stop being a drain on the taxpayer and move to one of these Arab dictatorships that are so welcoming of women.

Abdel-Magied conveniently neglected to admire that another female Sudanese-born refugee actually is included in our federal government, thanks to this system she despises. Perhaps the real complaint is that it hasn’t just been handed to her personally?

I’d like to invite Yassmin to stay in Australia, and help make us a united multi-ethnic nation, free from the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism, singularly grateful for the unparalleled sacrifice of our veterans and appreciative of an unrivaled liberal, representative democracy.

Of course, if she’s determined to be an apologist for Sharia law, ungrateful for our veterans, unappreciative of the quality our democracy, and unable to recover from intelligent criticism – leaving will be a big help too.

Thumbnail: Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Picture: Chris Pavlich for The Australian. Source: News Corp Australia

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