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What is THE GREAT RESET? Why do you need to know about it and why should you fear the new globalist agenda? It’s a threat to national and individual sovereignty and it’s already inside our biggest companies and governments. And it’s NOT a weird conspiracy theory. It’s real. We’ll bring you up to speed.

Also this week:

  • Biden’s new leadership team – what it means for Australia
  • Trump’s not giving up – but does he have a hope?
  • What should we do about the problems inside Australia’s elite SAS?
  • Labor’s crazy new job-killing plan to end casual work
  • And find out why Jordan Peterson’s new book has made the “woke kids” hysterical while Barack Obama’s new book has conservatives in hysterics!

Links mentioned on this week’s show:

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Damian Coory has spent 13 years as a senior radio and television journalist with the ABC, Network Ten, 3AW Melbourne, and 4BC Brisbane. Damian was News Director at Brisbane’s Triple M in the early 90s. Most recently he has 20 years’ experience in corporate public relations in Asia Pacific, specialising in executive communications skills training and coaching, issues management and crisis communications. He holds an MBA from Australia’s leading business school.



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