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Mob rule and anarchy has become the new American normal:

As an American, I am utterly grieved and outraged at what I see happening in places where Democrat mayors and governors are in charge. So many of them are hating on the police, cutting their funding, even seeking to eliminate them altogether – in good measure because these Democrats so hate Trump and want to bring him down.

And at the same time they are not just allowing but promoting rioting, arson, anarchy and lawlessness in the cities. Look at Portland. Look at Chicago. Look at Seattle. Look at New York. Look at Denver. The list of Democrat strongholds goes on and on. As does the chaos, the mayhem, and the rising death toll.

Cities are burning to the ground and people are being murdered, even little children. Yet all that these demonic Dem’s can do is blame Trump and say that they will not allow the police and other law enforcement agencies to do their job. They clearly prefer chaos and anarchy to law and order.

To be honest, these dastardly and reprehensible political leaders make me sick, and they will one day stand before their Maker and give an account. Hopefully the ordinary citizens will become so fed up with them that they will be kicked out at the next election – if not sooner.

Right now we have mobs running too many American cities – and we have Democrat leaders doing nothing to prevent this. Anarchy, mayhem and lawlessness are the new normal in too many places in the US right now. This is completely unsustainable. No country can last long with this happening.

And guess what: this is all nicely going to plan. This is NOT happening by accident. Marxists have always made clear their hatred of America and the West, and they have long told us how they plan to destroy all that we hold near and dear.

At first the Marxists ran with armed revolution and violence. But all the spontaneous workers’ revolutions that Marx taught would arise did not eventuate. So the Cultural Marxists came along and said that instead of outward revolution they would make use of inward evolution.

They still wanted the very same ends – but they came up with different means to obtain those ends. So they spoke of capturing the culture: of capturing the institutions of power and influence, such as the media, politics, law, even the churches.

And they have largely succeeded in this. Indeed, who are these Democrat mayors and governors who are pushing this violence and anarchy? Almost all of them are firm believers in the Marxist paradigm. Most hate America and the West and are using their influence within the system to drag it down.

So now the cultural Marxists and classic Marxists are working in tandem: the political leaders are sitting back doing nothing while the rioters on the streets are once again resorting to violence, confrontation and armed revolution. We now have the perfect storm: the deadly combination of external revolution and internal evolution.

Old guard Marxists and the newer Cultural Marxists are working arm in arm to bring down the United States of America. And we see the results everywhere: cities ablaze, businesses destroyed, police attacked, and innocent people being killed.

The examples of this are now countless. Recall how just the other day a woman who told BLM protestors that all lives matter was murdered!

And just a few days ago conservative speaker Michelle Malkin had to run for her life while trying to take part in a pro-police rally in Denver. A violent, out-of-control mob would not allow the event to proceed, and things got real ugly real fast. As one write-up on this frightening incident puts it:

Conservative author and entrepreneur Michelle Malkin and other conservative activists were violently attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters at a “Back the Blue” rally in Denver, Colorado, yesterday. The incident was captured on audio, and video footage showed a masked Antifa thug wielding a baton. Malkin says that the lead organiser of the rally was also attacked and beaten by an Antifa member wielding a longboard (a long skateboard). In a statement, Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security called the violence “outrageous.”

Thankfully Michelle and the others managed to get out of there alive, and her case is simply one of many. But because she is somewhat well known, let me stay with her story. She has just written about her experiences, and her piece is well worth quoting from:

The America you grew up in is not the America we live in now.


One nation under God? Ha.


Land of the free? Ha.


Domestic tranquility? Ha.


Equal protection under the law? Ha.


The right to bear arms? Ha.


Freedom of speech? Association? Peaceable assembly? Ha. Ha. Ha.


It’s not “socialism” or “communism” under which we suffer. Our dangerously chaotic, selectively oppressive predicament is more accurately described as “anarcho-tyranny.” The late conservative columnist Sam Francis first coined the term in 1992 to diagnose a condition of “both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny — the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes.”


The “criminalisation of the law-abiding and innocent,” Francis expounded, is achieved in such a state through: “exorbitant taxation, bureaucratic regulation; the invasion of privacy, and the engineering of social institutions, such as the family and local schools; the imposition of thought control through ‘sensitivity training’ and multiculturalist curricula; ‘hate crime’ laws; gun-control laws that punish or disarm otherwise law-abiding citizens but have no impact on violent criminals who get guns illegally; and a vast labyrinth of other measures.”


The toxic combination of “pandemic panic” and “George Floyd derangement syndrome” has thoroughly destroyed the home of the brave. It is a paradise for the depraved and dictatorial.


Anarcho-tyranny is how hoodlums can toss statues into rivers with impunity, while citizens disgusted by Black Lives Matter street graffiti are charged with “hate crimes” — as David Nelson and Nicole Anderson in Martinez, California, were by a George Soros-funded district attorney two weeks ago.


Anarcho-tyranny is how rioters can shut down highways and byways on a whim without fear of arrest, while commuters trying to escape the window-smashing barbarians obstructing traffic are charged with “assault” — as poor Jennifer Watson of Denver, Colorado, was this week.


Anarcho-tyranny is how hordes of gay pride activists marching shoulder to shoulder can defy social distancing guidelines with gushing approbation from radical left-wing medical “experts,” while anti-lockdown and anti-mask mandate protesters are deemed public health menaces who now face snitch hotlines, fines, house arrest or jail time.


Anarcho-tyranny is how 1,000 black militia members can take over the streets in Georgia and point their guns at motorists as they demand reparations, while white citizen militia members in Idaho, Utah and New Mexico have been smeared publicly as racists and face injunctions for peacefully defending their neighborhoods.

She describes what she had to go through in the failed rally, and concludes this way:

On Tuesday morning, a Denver police union official called me to apologise for the department’s failure to protect those of us who tried to speak on their behalf. The “backlash” for defending our constitutional rights was too high a price to pay, he told me. Sorry.


So the message is loud and clear. When push comes to bloody shove in end-stage America, under the rule of the anarcho-tyrants, we, the law-abiding, are the enemy. Those in uniform sworn to protect and serve will turn their backs on us because their bosses don’t answer to the public. They protect and serve the mob.

Yes, we see all over America anarcho-tyranny in action. Marxist rioters in the streets are being aided and abetted by Marxist mayors and governors. And when President Trump offers to send federal help to restore order and protect the innocent, these deranged leaders denounce him as a dictator! This will not end well.

A few weeks ago someone asked me if a new civil war might erupt in the US sometime soon. I replied by saying that it already has.

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Bill Muehlenberg teaches ethics, apologetics and theology at several Melbourne Bible Colleges. His independent blog, Culture Watch, has over 5,000 articles commenting on the major cultural, social and political issues of the day. Bill's podcast is exclusively produced for Good Sauce readers and fans.

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