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Calling abortion a “blessing” is a sure sign of spiritual death:

If someone murders innocent human beings, and then celebrates and promotes it, that tells us all we need to know about that person. And when such a person claims to be a Christian leader and says “I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin” then you really do know all about that person – they are spiritually dead.

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In fact they are 110 per cent spiritually dead, and only the living God can break through to a sin-hardened and conscience-dead person such as this. Anyone that far gone cannot be easily reached by persuasion, but is in desperate need of a supernatural heart transplant to come back to the land of the living and the world of the right.

Here I refer to an American Presbyterian pastor, Rebecca Todd. The North Carolina cleric seems to love abortion and death as much as she hates God and life. Yet somehow she seems to have folks who actually go to hear her preach her diabolical sermons each week.

If you question whether things can really be this bad, have a read of the piece where I got this info from. You will even see a picture of her “preaching” while proudly wearing a Planned Parenthood sash – I kid you not:

As the article states, she is the author of the 2018 book Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice. That also should tell you everything you need to know. Whenever you see the phrase “Progressive Christian” you should head for the hills. These folks glory in trashing Scripture and reinventing God in their own radical image. See more on this here:

Here are the closing words of the article I linked to above:

“As a woman who has borne two children, I can affirm that I felt something sacred happening in my gestating body during those pregnancies. I can also attest that I felt God’s presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies. And I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin,” she shamelessly confessed.


Todd claimed that one can simultaneously celebrate the “gestation and birth of a child” and deny life to some of the unborn, arguing that this is “theologically consistent with the belief that prenates are not yet human beings … ” The pastor concluded that pro-abortion activists need to counter pro-life language with their own rosy descriptions of abortion: “The statement ‘abortion is health care’ is right and true … please don’t stop saying this. But we also need to say abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is a moral good, abortion is an act of grace.”

Good grief: “abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is a moral good, abortion is an act of grace.” That is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 and the Ministry of Truth:


And more to the point, that is straight out of Isaiah 5:20:

Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter!

Talk about total deception and blindness. We expect those who hate God and his word to push this demonic nonsense, but when someone claiming to be a minister of the gospel does so, you know that Satan is alive and well on planet earth, and has far too many churches and church leaders firmly in his grip.

One commentator said this about Todd: “And I will bet a million dollars that she is an anti-death penalty extremist as well. It’s a sick fact that the overwhelming majority of these kind of monsters are appalled at the idea of executing a serial killing child molester, but have sweet dreams about rending babies to pieces.”

Yes quite so. Leftists, including religious leftists, who deny the plain teachings of Scripture, usually fall into this mental and moral confusion. They do not seem to mind one bit the glaring double standards and rank hypocrisy they are enveloped in. They clearly are singing from Satan’s song-sheet, not God’s.

As I say, unless God breaks through this hardened heart and deadened conscience, there is no hope whatsoever for this woman. So we can and should pray for her. If God can break through and turn around a raving Christophobe like Saul, he can change the life of anyone.

And as one partial illustration of this ability to change, another recent article found in LifeSiteNews discusses one woman not exactly known for godly values or pro-life convictions: Lindsay Lohan. After years of a rather debauched and reckless lifestyle, it seems she has had a bit of a turnaround, and is now rejoicing in motherhood. She recently said this: “Having a baby is the greatest joy in the world!”

The article concludes this way:

A decade ago, she also reportedly suffered a miscarriage that, although she kept details private, appears to have impacted her greatly. Then, in April 2022, she married financier Bader Shammas, with whom she welcomed their baby a year later. Lohan has moved further away from the Hollywood scene and now runs a platform on which she discusses and shares insights on lifestyle, including the subjects of healthy habits, fashion and food through podcasting and social media.


Amid her efforts to push away from addiction and the highly sexualized celebrity culture, Lohan is quietly becoming proof that those involved in the Hollywood lifestyle can instead find deeper meaning than their troubled lives, as she is finding with the opportunity to raise her first child with her husband.

So if a Hollywood wild child can have a bit of a transformation, there is hope for others. So we should pray that Lohan finds a complete and eternal change by coming to know Christ as Lord and Saviour. And we need to pray for Todd as well. She may well seem like a lost cause right now, but so were all of us at one time.

God is in the change business.


Just in case anyone reading this actually believes the errant nonsense that Todd is spouting about the Bible somehow supporting abortion, you need to think again. Indeed, the second half of my 2015 book The Challenge of Abortion offers a very lengthy and detailed look at just what the Scriptures have to say about this matter.

And for a briefer account of this, see this earlier article of mine:

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