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A few months ago I unpublished my Facebook page...

In hindsight the irony seems too delicious. I initially set up my Facebook page, "Political Posting Mumma", as I didn’t want to offend my friends and family, many of whom have completely different political opinions to me. The goal of the page was to share some concerns I had around controversial political issues like abortion, marriage, gender, freedom of religion, and a new sexuality program that I had recently discovered in my kids' schools.

I created the page for like-minded people who had become more and more nervous to share conservative opinions in an increasingly hostile environment. I was also nervous and placed the opinions of others in high regard.

I had about 300 followers on there at the time when I decided to post a video detailing the contents of this radical culturally-Marxist program as sensitively as I could, just in case one of my “progressive” loved ones happened to see it. That video went viral quickly reaching 4.8 million views. I think it took just three days for the general public to work out who I was - so my anonymity didn’t last long!

The next few years saw me in the fight of my life as I defended truth, my values and children around the world who I believed were (and still are) being harmed by these despicable ideologies that prematurely sexualise children and that targets their very identity as precious children of God created in His image.

I also ended up stepping into the marriage campaign to defend marriage, being one of the five mums who spoke up willing to publicly defend this sacred institution. I made an ad' that went out to the nation. I didn’t really know the extent to which I would be thrown to ravenous wolves, but knowing me, and the outcome, I probably would still do it again because at the end of the day, despite losing the battle, it was the right thing to do. Travelling to every capital city (except Sydney and Darwin) with some of the best people you would ever meet to defend marriage is a memory and experience I will treasure forever.

I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t cost me though.

In the last few years I have been abused, threatened, doxed, sued (settled out of court for $100,000), betrayed, had death threats toward myself and my children, and sexual threats that would make the #MeToo movement gasp (if I wasn’t a conservative)! I’ve been mocked, unfriended, lied about, disowned by family members, mobbed, had no less than eight hate pages built in my honour, had the Marxists, had mums of LGBTIQAX+ kids in the Liberal Party bully me relentlessly, and had countless defamatory articles written about me without recourse.

I have been kicked out of a fake conservative faction that I had spent two years volunteering my time trying to help build in a frutrated attempt to reform the party. I've had friends and members of my own church betray me. I had people from other denominations pile on about how I am not a Christian as I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This was a wound to my heart as I truly live for Jesus and love Him completely. I am ashamed to say I was offended by such accusations - offence is a choice. I can be very human and weak.

I have had close family members join in on online bullying, even feeding personal information to trolls to arm their malicious intentions against me, and had my name drawn through the filthy mud. One day I will tell all in the book I am currently writing for my kids, but needless to say... it’s been rough.

And finally, I decided one day that I had simply had enough.

I started the battle to protect my kids, all kids; to defend family and freedom - two things I am very passionate about.

But the devil's playground is as one could only imagine. Evil. Toxic. Dark. Lonely.

If you poke the bear (especially the creepy one that hurts little children) you invite a battle with a darkness that is hard to describe. I fought in that battle day and night, mostly on my own and completely of my own volition.

If I’m completely honest, I started to lose the light, the fight and the joy. I had stopped prioritising my own precious family - the whole reason I spoke up in the first place - and I was becoming angry and resentful and I felt hurt and ultimately betrayed. I also saw how futile partisan politics actually is.

satan and his minions had worn me down. I felt like a victim. I became depressed and anxious and hopeless.

But I am not a victim.

There is hope. It was never my battle to take all on my shoulders completely. I think the adversary started to whisper this to me in an attempt to wear me down. I needed to remember that ultimately the battle has already been won. We just need to do our portion and be His hands when we can.

That’s it.

It doesn’t mean we don’t stand up and defend and protect and speak truth; just that you can’t control the outcome or the free agency of others no matter how much you sometimes wish you could. I took too much on at some point, forgot where burdens must actually be laid and Who is actually in complete control.

So I’ve shared the hardships before. I think this is important to do this. But it’s just as important to share the good.

I have seen tremendous beauty, loyalty and integrity in the many, many thousands who have supported me, shared my views and prayed for me! The good far outweighs the bad, it’s just gentle and quiet.

The $100,000 quickly became $50,000 as people donated generously and willingly, which I founf humbling & uncomfortable. I was supported by wonderful friends and political allies who helped with the legal side of things, saving my husband and kids and I potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars which I will never adequately be able to thank them for.

I received the miracle of forgiveness as I was often instantly graced to forgive those who had hurt me, some knowingly and very intentionally; others completely oblivious to the impact their actions had on me personally, and my testimony grew beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Most of us don’t get through life unscathed.

I have a background of trauma that would possibly shock many to hear. Many would obviously relate. I forgot to nurture myself, self-care and sacrificed myself too often for those who were happy to exploit me. The fact is we are living in very dark times. The evil is incomprehensible and the things I have learned started to dement my mind at times - especially as I wanted to help them all. I underestimated the battle I was in and how it would wear me out, burn me out and take me back into a darkness that I had come so far away from.

I rarely just dip my toes into things. I tend to throw my whole body in: head, heart and mind, completely invested. I also have a very evangelical personality so I try to bring everyone else with me too. It doesn’t matter if it's Tupperware, keto, essential oils, or saving Western civilisation!

I believe that those of us who have a Christian faith will be called upon each in our own way to defend the Kingdom of God - cultural values and social policies which align with His perfect justice. We must be willing to sacrifice our very lives if necessary. So a bit of money, friends or your reputation should be of much less consequence. ??‍♀️

I have also learnt the importance of being close to the Light and not getting caught up in the tactics of the enemy to the point that you lose your own light and focus.

So in a way, I have come full circle.

Excitingly, I have a new opportunity. I will be collaborating with a wonderful team of people in what I would describe as the closest thing to an Australian version of the Daily Wire (think Ben Shapiro and co). These allies in the culture wars are the real deal!

I will still get to be a voice in the culture wars, because, let’s be honest: despite all the negativity, there is far more positive to be promoted. While the hate is certainly real, I threw my hat in the ring when I was baptised at 20 years old. We do know Who ends up winning and we all need to be on the winning team.

I desperately want to stand up for truth and righteousness and to defend my Lord and Saviour. I think family is a noble, worthy, God-given institution and it is worth defending. Just because we know how the story ends doesn’t mean we get to close our eyes and look the other way.

The battle we are facing currently has little to do with 'left' or 'right' and everything to do with right and wrong, and ultimately: freedom and tyranny. I want to continue to prove what side I am firmly on, even if it’s only for God and my children to witness.

I just need to be more balanced and stay closer to the Light so I can let my light so shine and so I don’t sacrifice my own family along the way. My children are the genuine defence, weapons for goodness and the most worthy investment of my energy and time.

Please check out The Good SauceI have written my first article and podcast and will be contributing when I have time - prioritising my family - and focusing on Paul's admonition to ”believe all things, hope all things, endure all things... Anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy we seek after these things.

I hope that you will find The Good Sauce a place to be uplifted, educated, informed and encouraged.

Marijke Rancie is an ordinary, "stay-at-home" mum who shrugs off the restrictive expectations of cultural feminism. She encourages other full time mums to not feel inadequate in their occupation as wife & mother, and champions traditional family values. Also known as “Political Posting Mumma“, Marijke's personal experience and concerned research led her to raising the alarm about the hidden, inappropriate sexual content of the so-called “Safe Schools” resources.

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